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 Cool relief in the palm of your hand

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01-01-1970 @ 04:30:00

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Q: Are there any side effects to using the ambi™? 

A: No. When used as directed, your ambi™ is entirely safe and does not present any side effects or complications.

Q: Can I use the ambi™ for uses other than hot flashes or those unrelated to Menopause? 

A: Yes. ambi™’s mechanism of action may also yield benefits for persons suffering from hot flashes as a result of cancer treatments, fertility treatments, hormone therapy, stress, migraines, injuries, insect bites…anytime or anywhere cold therapy would help!

Q: Is there any danger in stopping a hot flash? Doesn’t your body need to sweat?

A: There is no danger in stopping a hot flash and a hot flash is not the same thing as sweating due to exercise or normal perspiration.

Q:  How do I clean my ambi™?

A: Do not immerse the ambi™ in water.  For best results, wipe the chrome plate with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution or use a hand sanitizing wipe.