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 Cool relief in the palm of your hand

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01-01-1970 @ 04:30:00

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“I have found my ambi greatly reduces the severity of my hot flashes and, in some cases, stops them completely. Sometimes they do not return for several hours.” – Susan F., Los Angeles, CAA groupd of women enjoying wine and each other's company

“I couldn’t believe it: I used to put ice cubes in a kitchen towel and place the ice pack on the back of my neck. Because the ambi is like an electronic ice cube, there’s no mess, and no wet blouse.  My ambi did a way better job of cooling me down.” – Irene K., Chicago, IL

“I carry my ambi with me everywhere now. Works great. Does what it claims to do: COOLS ME DOWN.” – Diane S., Toronto, Canada

“Fertility treatments are draining enough, but when they caused me to get hot flashes, ambi provided me some comfort!”- Lisa B., Dallas, TX


“My ambi is that added relief when nothing else works! My daughter has also used ambi when she gets a headache following her soccer games … she loves it.” – Jamie S., New York , NY

“I was on a flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong and I got a splitting headache. My ambi was in my carry-on, … quick, convenient to access, easy to apply, discreet. It was the comfort I needed!” – Doug  X., San Francisco, CA


“When my son got hit in the arm by a pitch at his baseball game, there was no ice around. I did have my ambi with me (which I use for my hot flashes), but it did the trick in relieving his pain.” – Shanice R., Philadelphia, PAimage of young girl playing soccer

“I love tennis, but as I age, my ‘tennis elbow’ is a near constant ache. My ambi provides some cool relief from the dull pain when I’m at the office.” – Steve D., Seattle, WA


“I get very bad reactions to insect bites, like mini pizzas on my arm … swollen, red and painful. My ambi helps relieve the pain and swelling – lets me get back to what I was doing faster.” - Carmen A., Miami, FL

“My ambi is great distraction when my kids have gotten a bee sting or bad mosquito bite … they take turns holding the ambi for each other on the inflamed spot.  Such sympathy! Thank you! ” – Christine G., Vancouver, BC