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 Cool relief in the palm of your hand

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01-01-1970 @ 04:30:00

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How it works

ambi™ is designed to be applied onto the skin where the density of peripheral thermo-receptors (heat sensory nerves) are most dense. The preferred locations are:

1. the base of the neck, the primary treatment location;
2. the lumbar area of the spine above the tail bone, application best prior to bedtime; and
3. the forehead

For treatment success, it is important to apply the cool plate to the skin surface at the base of the neck when you feel the initial signs of a hot flash.

The coolness of the ambi™ triggers a response from the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls woman holding ambi to the nape of nexk to relieve hot flashbody temperature) which stops or reduces, within seconds, the effects of a hot flash and ensuing sweats.

For the most effective treatment, DO NOT apply the ambi™ to your skin before it has cooled to temperature; the plate’s surface may warm slightly after application to your skin as it withdraws heat from your body.  So, delight your body with maximum cool!

Note:  ambi™ may be used alongside menopausal hormone therapy prescribed for vasomotor symptoms, (hot flashes, night sweats, disturbed sleep), and with medications related to breast cancer.

ambi™’s Blu•TEC technology works with your body’s own cooling mechanisms to quickly and naturally stop the flash.  No drugs, no side effects are to be expected.


Testimonal: I couldn't believe it: I used to put ice cubes in a kitchen towel and place the ice pack on the back of my neck.  because the ambi is like an electronic ice cube, there's no mess, and no wet blouse.  My ambi did a way better job of cooling me down.