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 Cool relief in the palm of your hand

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01-01-1970 @ 04:30:00

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New AMBI™ Cooling Device Puts Instant, Convenient Cooling Relief from

Hot Flashes and Migraines in the Palm of Your Hand

First-Ever Portable, ‘Electronic Ice Cube’ Eliminates Messy, Dripping Ice Packs; Provides Relief for Menopause and Migraine Symptoms, Bumps and Bruises, at the Touch of a Button

TORONTO (December 5, 2013)—When symptoms hit, hot flash and migraine sufferers know that a cool compress applied to the back of the neck or head is a fast, effective way to get much-welcome relief. But, ice packs, gel pouches, frozen vegetables and other conventional cold therapy is messy, drippy and inconvenient, not to mention impossible to keep on hand when you’re out and about.

Introducing AMBI, powered by Blu●TEC™ (“AMBI”), the first-ever portable, personal cooling device that works like an electronic ice cube to instantly deliver mess-free, cool, soothing relief from hot flashes and migraine symptoms, as well as insect bites, bumps and bruises, at the touch of a button. AMBI™ is small and discrete—about the size of a smartphone—and provides safe, non-invasive relief that can be used anywhere, anytime: in the car, in bed, at work, on a plane or soccer field—anywhere symptoms strike.

In the U.S. alone, menopause affects nearly 50 million women and the vast majority experience hot flashes, as do some breast cancer survivors and those who have undergone hysterectomies. These numbers are expected to grow as the baby boomer generation is being quickly followed by their daughters, who are maturing to menopausal age.

Cool therapy has been widely recognized as a soothing treatment for both hot flashes and migraines. In the recent “Hot Flash Prescription” episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” Dr. Mehmet Oz acknowledged that the most important thing women can do is, “extinguish the heat the minute it strikes.” And, in her book “The Migraine Brain,” author and clinical director of the Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians Comprehensive Headache Center, Carolyn Bernstein, M.D., said, “The cold decreases inflammation, which lessens the pain.” AMBI™ is ready to use the minute the heat or migraine symptoms strike.

“Hot flashes and night sweats are annoying, impact your sleep and cause many women to feel embarrassed by the sudden flush and sweating that can happen when you least expect it,” said Trisha Welch, president of  Ambient Therapeutics, Inc. which developed the AMBI™ device. “A cold compress applied to the back of the neck can bring nearly instant relief, but you can’t carry an ice pack in your purse or keep it on the bedside table all night, every night. But with AMBI™, instant, soothing relief is available at the touch of a button, and you can carry it anywhere.”

Using the Peltier effect of ThermoElectric Cooling (TEC), AMBI™ works like an electronic ice cube: just flip the switch and the same technology used by NASA to chill the shell of the space shuttle and in some portable refrigerators and camping coolers chills the cool plate to a comfortable, yet effective temperature. With AMBI™, there’s no risk of frostbite that comes from applying a cold compress directly to the skin, and there’s no messy dripping and melting to contend with. When symptoms pass, simply turn AMBI™ off and place it back into its convenient carrying case for storage in a purse, pocket, briefcase or bedside table.

“Many of my patients suffer from severe hot flashes as a result of menopause or fertility treatments that can dramatically impact their quality of life,” said Jeremy Wong, M.D., a Toronto-based OB-GYN. “Cold therapy provides welcome relief by resetting the hypothalamus, the portion of the brain that controls body temperature. AMBI™ provides a safe, convenient, drug-free alternative or supplement to hormone replacement therapy to control hot flashes.”

Not only is AMBI™ ideal for treating hot flashes and migraines, but the entire family can also use AMBI™ to get comfortable, cooling relief from insect bites and stings, muscle strains and sprains, bumps to the head and sports injuries, and overheating from exertion.

AMBI™ requires just four AA alkaline batteries for portable use, also comes with a plug-in wall adapter and protective Neoprene sleeve case, for just $49.99. For more information, or to order an AMBI™ now, visit

About AMBI™

AMBI, powered by Blu·TEC™, is the first-ever portable electronic cooling device for safe, convenient and drug-free relief of hot flashes and migraine symptoms, along with insect bites, sports injuries and other conditions requiring cold-therapy treatment. The AMBI™ concept was developed by one of the foremost experts in Peltier technology based in Princeton, N.J. Recognizing its potential to fulfill an unmet need in the market, the founders of Toronto, Canada-based Ambient Therapeutics Inc., acquired and enhanced the design and performance of technology for consumer use . For more information, visit or find AMBI™ on Twitter @My_Ambi.

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Abby Zelikow



* AMBI, powered by Blu·TEC™ is a registered trademark of Ambient Therapeutics Inc.